Admission Eligibility

Up to fifty students are admitted each year to the Postgraduate Study Programme (25 students in each specialisation). According to Law 2083/1992, eligible for admission, after an interview and an evaluation of the candidate’s formal and essential qualifications, are graduates of relevant departments of Greek or foreign Higher Academic Institutions, as well as graduates of Technical Educational Institutes (TEI) according to the governing legislation.

The choice is made according to the following criteria:

  1. overall degree mark;
  2. performance in undergraduate courses relevant to the specialisation;
  3. proven proficiency in English or any other foreign language;
  4. previous research or work experience;
  5. recommendation letters;
  6. personal interview and any other evidence of qualifications;
  7. results of an English examination in subjects related to tourism.

All candidate qualifications must be proven by means of supporting documents.

At the end of each summer term the university publishes a call for applications and gathers candidate applications for the admissions process. The admissions process of postgraduate students runs until September. In September the university publishes a list with the names of the successful candidates and deputy candidates. All successful candidates must enrol onto the Postgraduate Program within the deadline set according to the decision of the Special Interdepartmental Committee. After said deadline, deputy candidates shall be contacted according to their order of selection to fill any vacancies. The list of deputy candidates remains valid only for the academic year for which it was published.

The academic year runs from 1st September of each year until 31st August of the next year. The teaching period of each academic year is divided into two terms (summer and winter term). The beginning, end and examination period of each term are determined according to decisions made by the competent authorities. Each term is comprised of thirteen (13) teaching weeks and a maximum of three weeks for examinations.

The enrolment of new students requires that they submit all necessary documents at the beginning of the winter term during which they were admitted. Enrolment dates and processes for each specialisation are announced by the Postgraduate Program Secretariat.

The Special Interdepartmental Committee assigns one student to each professor, who is responsible to supervise the postgraduate student’s progress of studies.