Students Info

The Postgraduate Program has three examination periods: the examination period of January – February; the examination period of June; and the examination period of September. An examination period shall not extend over three weeks. The dates that said periods start and end are decided by the Special Interdepartmental Committee within the framework of the annual planning of the Postgraduate Program.

All subjects shall be examined at a final examination held at the end of the term during which said subject was taught.

A student is considered to have passed a subject if on a scale of 0 to 10 the student’s overall mark is equal to or higher than 5.

If a student fails an exam they can retake the exam during the re-sit examination period in September of the same year. If a student fails one subject in the re-sit examination period they can request retaking that subject at an exceptional examination. If a student fails two or three subjects then the student shall be obliged to register again for those subjects and attend the lectures during the respective terms of the next academic year. In this case, the postgraduate student shall not be obliged to pay additional fees. If a student fails four or more subjects during the re-sit examination period of September they shall be required to withdraw from the Postgraduate Program.

The overall mark, as well as any prior assessment of students, is the result of oral and/or written and/or practical examinations and/or of the entire progress and participation of students in the educational process. Special attention is paid to presentations of essays on special issues which aim at helping students become aware of their knowledge and promoting their critical ability and scientific thinking. Essays presented during a term must be submitted for assessment prior to the end of the term during which the respective subject was taught. Otherwise, the supervising Professor shall be entitled to decide whether an essay shall be accepted for assessment during the examination period of September or whether a different way of examination is to be determined.

Professors are solely responsible to determine the means and processes for the assessment of students in their classes.

Cheating during the examinations either by cooperating with one another of by using any methods for the interception of examination material is prohibited. If an examination supervisor or a Professor realises any case of interception, the responsible postgraduate student shall be required to withdraw from the Postgraduate Program. The same applies also in case of academic misconduct, i.e. plagiarism or bought essays or theses.