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Economics of Tourism Enterprises

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  • Type of Module/Course: Elective Module
  • Level of Module / Course: Postgraduate Course
  • Year of Study: 1
  • Semester: Winter
  • Number of credits allocated: 4,5
  • Number of teaching units: 3
  • Name of lecturer / lecturers: Dr. Theodoros Stavrinoudis
  • Content outline:

    The aim of the module is to help familiarize students with the basic economic functions of the tourism enterprises and the key processes that take place within their external and internal environment. In order to achieve this aim theories and concepts derived from both the economics and the science of business administration are adopted.

  • Learning outcomes:
    • Understand the importance of external economic environment on the management of tourism enterprises
    • Understand the various internal and external parameters influencing economic efficiency of tourism enterprises
    • Understand the importance of adapting the economic theory in the management of tourism enterprises.
  • Prerequisites:


  • Module Contents (Syllabus):

    The main characteristics of tourism enterprises
    The effects of the external economic environment on the organization and management of tourism enterprises
    The internal economic parameters and trends related to the operation of tourism enterprises
    Methods and techniques of economic administration of tourism enterprises.

  • Recommended Reading:

    Α) Principal Reference:

    Bull A., (1996) The economics of travel and tourism. 2nd edition, Longan.
    Cullen P., (1997) Economics for hospitality management. International Thomson Business Press.
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  • Learning activities and Teaching Methods:

    Case studies

  • Assessment/Grading Methods:

    Written examinations (50%)
    Assignment (50%).

  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Mode of delivery: Face to face
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