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Methology of social research

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  • Type of Module/Course: Prescribed Core Module
  • Level of Module / Course: Postgraduate Course
  • Year of Study: 1st
  • Semester: Winter Semester
  • Number of credits allocated: 4,5 ECTS
  • Number of teaching units: 3
  • Name of lecturer / lecturers: Mariathi Stogiannidou
  • Content outline:

    Introduction to the methodology of the Social Sciences with an emphasis on the analysis of the phenomenon of tourism. Importance and role of research in the Social Sciences. Alternative epistemological approaches. Basic principles of the methodology of the Social Sciences. Definition of the research problem, formulation of the theoretical framework and of the problem analysis framework, definition of the basic variables. Techniques of data collection. Basic techniques of data analysis. Synthesis.

  • Learning outcomes:

    The objective of this course is the acquisition by the students the basic principles of the methodology of the Social Sciences. They also acquire the knowledge of the definition of the research problem and of basic variables, formulation of the theoretical framework and of the problem analysis framework.

  • Prerequisites:

    No prerequisites.

  • Module Contents (Syllabus):


  • Recommended Reading:
    Bibliography in Greek:
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    Bibliography in other languages:
    • Babbie, E. (1973) Survey Research Methods. Wadsworth, Belmont, Ca.
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  • Learning activities and Teaching Methods:

    Interactive lectures, discussion, exercises.

  • Assessment/Grading Methods:

    Individual assignments in an issue related with the course.

  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Mode of delivery: Face to face
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