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Human resource management in hotels

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  • Type of Module/Course: Prescribed Stream Module
  • Level of Module / Course: Postgraduate Course
  • Year of Study: 1st
  • Semester: 2nd
  • Number of credits allocated: 4,5 ECTS
  • Number of teaching units: 3
  • Name of lecturer / lecturers: Dr. Theodoros Stavrinoudis
  • Content outline:

    The aim of the module is to help familiarize students with the importance of human resource management (HRM) for tourism enterprises and especially hotels. This module focuses on giving students fundamental knowledge on issues concerning human resources development, selection and recruiting processes, motivation, employee relations, education and training etc.

  • Learning outcomes:
    • Understand the importance of human resources management practices to organizational effectiveness of hotels
    • Understand the various internal and external recruitment methods
    • Understand the importance of education and training of employees in hotels
    • Understand the importance of motivation in the hospitality industry.
  • Prerequisites:

    Basic knowledge of Tourism Management.

  • Module Contents (Syllabus):
    • The role of HRM in hotels
    • New trends in HRM in the hospitality industry
    • HRM practices in hotels
    • Motivation and performance of human capital in hotels
    • Education and training of human capital in hotels.
  • Recommended Reading:
    Α) Principal Reference:
    • Drummond K., (1990) Human Resource Management for the Hospitality Industry. Van Nostrand Reinhold.
    • Go F., Monachello M, and Baum T., (1996) Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry. John Wiley & Sons. 
    • Nebel E., (1991) Managing Hotels Effectively. Van Nostrand Reinhold.
    Β) Additional References:
  • Learning activities and Teaching Methods:


  • Assessment/Grading Methods:

    Written examinations (50%)
    Assignment (50%).

  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Mode of delivery: Face to face
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