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  • Type of Module/Course: Prescribed Core Module
  • Level of Module / Course: Postgraduate Course
  • Year of Study: 1st
  • Semester: Winter Semester
  • Number of credits allocated: 4,5 ECTS
  • Number of teaching units: 3
  • Name of lecturer / lecturers: Dr Dimitrios Lagos
  • Content outline:

    The object of Tourism Economy is the macroeconomic and micro-economic aspects of this phenomenon, giving particular accent in the analysis of case of Greece.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Objective of course is it describes and it analyzes the constitutive elements, the production and distribution of tourist travels, as well as the micro-economic and macroeconomic aspects of tourist phenomenon. The international tourism activates a complex mesh of economic-social activities so much in the country of origin what in the country of reception of traveller.

  • Prerequisites:

    Understanding of the following courses: ` Economic Theory' (Introduction to Finance, Micro-economics International Finance', ` Economics of Transport'.

  • Module Contents (Syllabus):
    • The conceptual content and the characteristics of tourism and tourists.
    • The constitutive elements and the historical development of tourist travel.
    • The Economic science of tourist demand.
    • The Micro-economic and macroeconomic aspects of tourist demand.
    • The sector-based operation of tourism in the frame of national economy. 
    • Forms of enterprising activity in the tourism.
    • Economic analysis (employment, income, indicators of efficiency, contribution in the national accounts).
  • Recommended Reading:
    Α) Principal Reference:
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    • Zaharatos, G.  "Tourist Consumption", KEPE, Athens 1985 (in Greek).
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    Β) Additional References:
    • Gee C, I.  Makens,  D.  Choy  (Edittor C. Maurodontis).  "Tourist and Travelling Industry".  Publications ELLIN, Athens 2001(in Greek)0000.
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  • Learning activities and Teaching Methods:

    On-site University lectures.

  • Assessment/Grading Methods:

    Written examinations

  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Mode of delivery: Face to face
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