The educational goals achieved through this Postgraduate Study Programme expand throughout the entire range of the fields that comprise the basic knowledge of the sciences involved in Tourism Planning, Tourism Management and Tourism Policy, thus offering high-quality lessons. For the above purpose, we have adopted student-oriented systems, active teaching methods, evaluation methods of the educational process and actions to interrelate the teaching processes with the tourism product and consumption as well as with the tourism research.

The Postgraduate Study Programme “Tourism Planning, Management and Policy” is characterised by consistency and functionality and is based on the finding that some enterprises express the needs of a society and face constantly new challenges when attempting to plan and implement their activities. Said challenges are directly related to the professional goals of the graduates and the impact of the gradual market integration during the past decades.

The challenge faced by a Postgraduate Study Programme is to maintain a balance between the traditional values of management, the newly developed ideas and any future changes. This renders it necessary to introduce methods to monitor and evaluate the study programme to ensure that it meets the demands of modern society.